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Gym Builds

Whether you are building your first Ninja Gym or you are building multiple gyms, our team of experienced designers and builders can help you create a unique design that meets the needs of your customers. Our team handles everything from initial design, obstacle recommendations, working with your contractor, and building the course on site. We also understand the cost of opening and running a gym so we can work with you to customize any size space and any budget. Contact us today to get started designing the perfect Ninja Gym for your area. 


Mobile Courses

Looking for a Mobile Course that can serve the needs of your school or community events? We have developed multiple types of courses that can easily be assembled and be a tremendous amount of fun for any type of event. Whether you are attracting kids at a fair, or setting up a competition with local athletes, we have the custom solutions to meet your mobile course needs. If you need event and course management to go with it, we can assist with all aspects of your Ninja event development. 


Small Courses

Do you have limited space but want to incorporate a Ninja course into your gym, school, park, or sports complex? Our team has designed obstacle courses for many different types of spaces and can work with you to find the right fit for your facility. Our smaller courses also make it very easy to swap out obstacles if you want to hold events and competitions. No matter how small the space we can give you options that still make a ninja course.